Level Up: IAID Pre-School of Music, the Stave House way!

With the thrust to structure and strengthen the foundational music program for children 3 to 6 yrs., IAID Pre-School of Music (PSM) brings the London College of Music (LCM) accredited Stave House Method which is designed as an introductory course towards the regular Music Courses as it uses an innovative music-teaching program that teaches children to read, write and play musical notation.

Stave House has reached Qatar!

Started this year with 20 budding little musicians, Stave House is fun and is far more than a music teaching method using play and storytelling to embed skills that will last. It uses kineasthetic materials, stories, songs and rhymes that engage the child’s imagination and encourage creative development. This group music class will enhance coordination, communication, creativity and camaraderie as a whole.

Proud to say that IAID is the only public centre offering Stave House method and its awards in the country to date.


Awards are offered by Stave House in partnership with London College of Music Exams, and awarded by the University of West London. The aim is to teach all-round musicianship to very young children, in particular enhancing their sight-reading skills. Stave House equips children with skills that enable them to become independent musicians not reliant on copying their teachers or using written letters or finger numbers but to have a deeper understanding of musical structure and composition. Stave House equips the children with excellent sight-reading skills


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