tips to raise your child to be a leader


We would like to share these practical tips on how to raise your child to be a leader.


Tip #1

1).  Let your child make choices.
Give your child choices, not hard ones, just choices that they can make on a daily basis.  “Which of these TWO outfits do you want to wear tomorrow?, “Which cereal do you want to eat?”, “Do you want milk or water with your dinner?”

Tip #2

2). Let them take chances.
 I learned this while reading my favorite parenting book, “Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood: Practical Parenting From Birth to Six Years”.   If you are always there to stop your child from making a mistake, they will rely on you forever.  Let them take chances.  Let them see that falling on the ground wasn’t so awful.

Tip #3

3). Don’t over compliment.
Yes, it is GREAT to be proud of your kids, but give them the chance to really show you their greatness. If we are always telling them how great they do, for every tiny thing, our word will start to become something that they NEED and it will also lose part of its value. Lets not teach them to rely on others for positive reinforcement.  Let them do a job on their own and they will see how great it feels to be proud of themselves!

Tip #4

4).  Have a “Go get ’em tiger” attitude with your kids.     If they want to try something, tell them to go for it!   If they are thinking something might be too hard…  ask them “Why not just give it a shot?   Whats the worst that can happen?”  Don’t let them try dangerous things, but do encourage them to try things that they might be reluctant to try.
Encourage them to just GIVE IT A SHOT! 

Tip #5

5).  Don’t expect perfection.    Don’t expect laziness, either.   Teach them to try their best (and make sure that they do!)

Tip #6

6).  Lead by example.   The best thing that we can do is to SHOW our kids.
Teach your kids to lead by being a leader!   (& teach them to listen by being a listener).

Tip #7

7).  As the parent, you have to be willing to do things that aren’t the same as everyone else.
It might be the ‘expected’ thing to go to a certain place or do a certain thing, but show your kids that you don’t have to follow the norm.   You can do something different and you can be great at it!

Tip #8

8). Believe in your kids!
Tell your kids that  you KNOW that they  can do things.  Believe in them more than they believe in themselves, at times.  Never tell them that they can’t do something.

Tip #9

9). Parent YOUR Child, not someone else’s child.
What on earth does that mean?  It means that YOUR child might learn by ‘doing’ while someone else’s child might learn by ‘listening.’  Learn what makes your child ‘tick’.  Learn what makes your child the leader.   Build up that part of your child.   Parent YOUR child.

Tip #10

10). Develop your child’s potential by engaging them in a good  Leadership workshop that will  empower them essential character and life skills needed to face everyday challenges.


Check out  IAID’s Leadership Workshop Expressed through Arts this summer!


On its 15th year, IAID, the biggest Performing Arts Academy in Qatar, and the pioneer in conducting workshops in the country since 2001, is bringing in a colorful and fun season as it presents Summer Workshop 2016 for kids. The workshop offers vibrant and dynamic activities that will surely take their innate talents and skills in dance, music, arts and soft skills to the next level.

Affiliated with the London College of Music – University of West London UK, British Theatre Dance Association (BTDA) UK, Nalanda Dance Research Centre and more, IAID is an Academy for Dance, Music and Arts with certified and professional instructors who maintain strict quality standards of learning and performance.

Starting 4 years & above, IAID offers fresh and zestful courses this summer such as Princess in Tutu,  Swing`n Sway, Kidz Gotta Dance, Desi Mania, Wind Melodies, Keys and Harmonies, Paint like the Masters, Shadow Puppetry, Little Big Voices and more.

As a long standing commitment to deliver holistic talent development, IAID is also set to offer a brand new Soft-Skills course – “Leadership Workshop Expressed through Arts”for Kids and Teens. This dynamic course will be facilitated by Ms. Janine June Arbolario, a trained and certified   Visual Arts Teacher, Visual Arts Extended Essay Adviser, Theory of Knowledge Teacher and Coordinator for Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) under the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP). Moreover, she has received trainings in art therapy, art advocacies, and leadership development in UK, Italy, South Africa, Thailand, Singapore and Hongkong.

For more information regarding IAID Summer Workshop 2016, please email us at or call 44320974 / 44411234/ 66710589.


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