IAID sets delegation to the V Folklore Dance Festival at Georgia, Tbilisi

Savouring the culture and heritage of India to the international arena


DOHA, QATAR – Almost twenty young and adult students of IAID are set to perform an Indian Folk Dance in the 2017 V Folklore Dance Festival at Georgia, Tbilisi this April 28 –  as they carry the name of IAID, the biggest performing arts academy in Qatar and the sole delegation to represent Qatar.

“With a vision to expand IAID’s horizon into the global arena and set its involvement in various international exposures, we will proudly showcase the skills of its home-grown performers and talented instructors through the beauty of Indian Folk Dances,” expressed Dr Dimple Rajesh, IAID Artistic Director.

The Festival is being organised by the European Association of Folklore Festival (EAFF) in partnership with United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Their goal is to develop the folklore arts, the popularization of the world folklore culture, sharing of experience between participants, empowerment of mutual respect and tolerance, deepening of creative contacts, the popularization of the world folklore arts and improvement of the level of qualification of choreographers.

IAID is a novel institute that provides quality training for Dance, Music and Arts born in 2001. A first of its kind in the Middle East, IAID continues to unite diverse cultures from the east and west in timeless forms of dance, music, arts and soft skill courses. The Academy is a pioneer in conducting workshops for children in Qatar and has to its credit more than 1,000 students (children & adults) representing over 80 nationalities for its regular courses. IAID is supported with fully equipped dance, music, and art studios spanning over 1,200 sq. m. area at a prime and central location in Doha City.


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