IAID to kick-off MOQ’s First Edition of Qatar’s Best Talent show

Doha, Qatar –  Qatar’s leading Performing Arts Academy will take on the iconic Oasis Stage of the Mall of Qatar to show its Performing Arts prowess with a spectacle of performances.  It will range from famous music duets to Hip-Hop and Indian folk dances on Friday at 4:00 PM.  It will be an event partnership with Mall of Qatar on its First Edition of “Qatar’s Best Talent.”


“The IAID team is very proud and privileged to perform for a diverse audience in one of the region’s most prominent stages, which is the Oasis at Mall of Qatar. It is an excellent venue for our students to showcase their extraordinary talents in dance & music.  IAID develops the best in each of them” said Dr Dimple Rajesh, IAID Artistic Director.

Mall of Qatar, the nation’s premier destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment, is adding a new concept to its lineup of family entertainment called Qatar’s Best Talents. It will showcase the talents of young performers of Qatar in singing, music and dancing.

MOQ Qatar’s Best Talent will run every Friday featuring up to 10 performances in dancing, singing, and other forms of performing arts in collaboration with some of the nation’s top academies.


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