IAID unveils Qatar National Day-themed Student Art Exhibition


Doha, Qatar – Dubbed as “QATARsis,” IAID Visual and Studio Arts Department launched this year’s Winter Student Art Exhibition featuring 44 artists with Qatar’s appreciation as the main theme at Ezdan Mall, Al Wakra, 14 December 2018.


“Qatar has been very welcoming to everyone as it has become the second home for the expatriates. It is now time to show gratefulness for Qatar expressed through paintings. This exhibition is a fusion of cultures with images from Qatar’s national symbols integrated to the journey of every individual’s identity,” said Mr. Michael Fajardo, Senior Instructor, IAID Visual & Studio Arts Program.


Derived from the word “catharsis,” the exhibition showcases the collective purification and purgation of emotions expressed through art with the introspection of Qatar’s perspective. The event aims to prepare, promote and expose the students for them to complete the artistic cycle by exhibiting their work and others. The exhibit will be open from 14 – 21 December 2018 at Ezdan Mall, Al Wakra.


Dr. Dimple Rajesh, IAID’s Artistic Director, expressed that IAID has been fully committed to develop and produce exceptional students in this artistry. She said, “IAID owes it to the Qatar community for embracing and showing its utmost respect and love for the arts.”


Celebrating its 17th year, IAID takes pride to be the first of its kind in the Middle East providing quality training in dance, music, arts and soft skill courses with more than 1,200 students representing over 80 nationalities from around the globe. Maintaining its high-calibre services, IAID is affiliated with prestigious organisations internationally.  The Qatar Development bank has sequentially awarded IAID as the one of the Top SMEs in the country for 2016 and 2018 besting 800 small and medium enterprises.


IAID is currently located at the prime and central location in Doha and soon to open a new branch in Al Wukair.   To know more about IAID, visit www.iaid.qa

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