Follow Your Passion

If you want something badly enough, you will find a way to make it happen. You will give yourself no excuses and you will follow your passion, regardless of logic. Pursuing it will come easily and the work required will seem natural, no matter the amount of sacrifices required. If you are finding excuses, then you don’t want it badly enough.

Yes, sometimes the choice of a passion may be unrealistic due to age or financial constraints or some other tangible reason. If your passion is do-able with some effort, whether big or small, what strategy are you applying to make it happen?


Go ahead, make the effort. Put the time and energy into it. Push yourself in a positive direction, and do what it takes to make the object of your desire occur.

Sharing with you a music from one of our adult students in Western Vocals.  This time, she is not just re-discovering her love for singing, she is also taking it a notch higher because she is learning from IAID’s professional music instructor, and following the Academy’s Music syllabus from the London College of Music (LCM)- University of West London (UK).
A beautiful cover from one of Walt Disney’s classic hits!
Vocals: Marianne Indrinal, IAID Western Vocals student
Classical Piano and Arrangement: Hazel Baro, IAID Music Instructor

Inspired? visit  – where passion begins!


No Excuses…Follow Your Passion


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