Signs You’re A Bharatanatyam Dancer

Calling all those who’ve heard, “Elbows up! Knees to the Side! SIT LOWER!” far too much. Bharatnatyam as seen through the eyes of some of the dancers..

1. Whether or not you have your wallet & keys, you’ll always have extra bobby pins.


2. When you dance, you automatically smile.


3. When people tell you to sit, you immediately think of aramandi.


5. You can’t dance without pointing your toes and looking at your hands.


6. People outside of your dance group don’t recognize you with your makeup on.


7. You can appreciate how alta makes your mudras look beautiful.


…and you KNOW that it gets on EVERYTHING.


8. You know the struggle of tiptoeing in a full auditorium after you put your salangai on.


Even when you try to turn on “stealth mode”, there simply ain’t no element of surprise with ghungroos on.


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