Fascinating Things You Didn’t Know About Paint


Consider yourself an expert on paint?  You may know less than you think.  Even experts are surprised at these little-known — often odd — facts about paint and paint color.  How many of them come as a surprise to you?

1.The color purple became associated with royalty because at one time only aristocrats could afford the expensive pigment. During Roman times, it took 4 million crushed mollusk shells to create one pound of purple pigment.


2.The Greek philosopher Plato is credited with the discovery that you can mix two different paint colors together to produce a third color.

3. It took Michelangelo only four years to paint the famous ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the 1500s, but it took 20 years to restore it in the late 1900s.


4. The “color wheel” is older than the United States. It was developed by Sir Issac Newton in 1706.

happy rainbow artist paint bright

5. Paint colors can affect your mood. Cool tones invoke feelings of calm, peace and happiness. Warmer tones can provoke feelings of anger or energy.


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Source: http://blog.paintquality.com/paint-trivia/12-fascinating-things-you-did-not-know-about-paint/

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