Celebration of Achievements

IAID – the biggest performing Arts Academy in Qatar, has more reasons to celebrate this year!



btda pic

1st and 2nd Row : IAID BTDA Examinees   3rd Row  : Ms. Sylvia Gomes- IAID Center Manager, Ms. Pam Chater – BTDA Examiner,       Dr. Dimple Rajesh – IAID Artistic Director & Ms. Marianne Indrinal – IAID Associate Director

Doha: IAID set another milestone as it marked a 100 % passing rate for the 1st British Theatre Dance Association (BTDA) examinations held on 21 January 2016 at IAID premises. A total of 10 Pre-Ballet Students and 6 Introduction to Grade 1 students took the examinations and gave an impressive, well-executed ballet routines in the presence of BTDA examiner from UK – Ms. Pam Chater.

 “I was very fortunate to be asked to examine the first BTDA session in Qatar.  The IAID Directors, Instructor and staff were so hospitable and welcoming which made my first visit even more enjoyable. More importantly, the students worked extremely hard and came well prepared for this examinations. This is another flag for BTDA and I am confident it will prove to be a good relationship for IAID Qatar and BTDA”.

According to Dr. Dimple Rajesh – IAID Artistic Director, the academy is looking at introducing more BTDA disciplines and are keen to offer the Mime medals and Rose Awards to their dance students.  Moreover, IAID envisions to impart a more structured program that will further develop the creative artistry of the students.  She said, “ IAID is committed to being the  student’s second home where instructors demonstrate a real interest in developing students skills and nurturing their love for dance.”

The British Theatre Dance Association (BTDA) was founded in Leicester, UK in 1972, and is now well established in many countries throughout the world. It has been at the forefront of dance education committed to raising both awareness and the standards in various discipline of dance. IAID is privileged to be the first affiliated Institute having an exclusive arrangement with BTDA for Qatar offering Classical Ballet graded courses.

2. IAID Music Students Excel the London College of Music (LCM) Winter       2015 Examinations

lcm pic

From left  Ms. Sylvia Gomes- IAID Center Manager, Ms . Marianne Indrinal – IAID Associate Director,  Mr. Robert Langston –LCM  Examiner together with IAID Music Instructors

Doha :  More than 100 Music students from IAID, the biggest Performing Arts in the country have successfully passed the London College of Music (LCM), University of West London UK Winter  2015 examinations held from 15-22 January 2016 at IAID premises. This result certified the 100% pass percentage that the academy has consistently shown for 7 years.

LCM examiner, Mr. Robert Langston congratulated the successful IAID examinees and Music instructors and gave the following statement, “I was delighted to come for a second visit to IAID, to conduct the music exams for IAID Classical Piano, Keyboard, Acoustic Guitar and Western Vocals students. This year’s standard was as high as ever and I commend all the students and teachers on their hard work in preparation for these exams. I very much look forward to returning in the future,” Langston said.

LCM Examinations is an international examinations board offering graded and diploma qualifications in music, drama and communication. Examinations are held across a large network of exam centres worldwide, and are unique in the graded examinations being awarded by the university. In 2009, LCM has appointed IAID as the first Public Centre in the Middle East offering LCM Exams for students from Qatar and neighboring countries.

Ms. Marianne Indrinal, IAID Associate Director said, “We are proud of our music students for passing the LCM winter 2015 examinations. The academy is equally grateful to all the parents for rendering unwavering support to this initiative.  We are delighted with the progress we have achieved for the past 14 years, including the strong affiliations and quality training that we impart. Our thrust is to continue our mission to provide the growing community of talents in the field of dance, music and arts with a conducive and nurturing atmosphere of creative learning and excellence.”


3. IAID Visual and Studio Arts Student awarded 1st Place in Qatar Painting       Contest


From left   Rogsh Emmanuel Garcia  IAID VIsual and Studio Arts Student, Mr Michael Fajardo IAID Visual and Studio Arts Instructor

IAID’s Visual and Studio Arts  Student Rogsh Emmanuel Garcia with the guidance of Mr. Michael Fajardo (IAID Visual and Studio Arts Instructor) was awarded first place (category 3) in this year’s Toyota Dream Car Art Contest.

“The academy is mighty proud of Rogsh’s accomplishment. He embodies the academy’s pursuit for excellence. More than exhibiting his mastery of the medium and techniques in his work, he has shown perseverance and a commendable discipline in art making. May he continue to inspire everyone and use art to make a difference ” said Mr. Michael Fajardo- IAID Visual and Studio Arts Instructor.

Rogsh’s Toyota Dream Car is called ‘The E-novator’. It is a digital-electronic and sci-tech car designed to gather and analyze data about the environment to be able to come up with innovative ideas and solutions to the pressing environmental problems such as waste disposal, pollution, global warming, climate change and the like. The E-novator vows to save Mother Earth and preserve it for the future generation.


Congratulations IAID Students. We are proud of your achievements!

A first of its kind in the Middle East, IAID continues to impart quality training in the field of dance, music, arts, soft-skill courses and actively participated in various international events such as Ajyal Youth Film Festival, RasGas events and more. Moreover, IAID is a pioneer in conducting workshops for children in Qatar and has to its credit more than 1,000 students (children & adults) representing over 80 nationalities for its regular courses. For more information, please visit http://www.iaid.qa





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