There’s a rhythm in you.


Dancing Is the Fast Way to Make Yourself Happier

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Dancing is fundamental to being human. We know this because there is no wallflower culture, no part of the world where rhythm is ignored. We also know this because we tap our toes to songs we hate. We can’t help it!

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Dancing is  linked to a whole bunch of physical, social, and mental benefits. It is basically a super fun (if you’re doing it right) vitamin.

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Dancing with other people is connected to emotional competence, self-esteem, and healthy levels of trust. Don’t trust the researchers? Just ask a dancer.

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When you take dance lessons or classes, you are always learning something new. It might be to “bust a new move”, learn new choreography or a new approach to an old technique. Learning a new skill or new approach will help your self-esteem.

According to research, dance is an adaptive behavioral pattern that communicates beauty, health, strength, and attractiveness .Men and women described as dancers receive higher ratings than men and women described as non-dancers.alicia vikander shimmy dance dancing vogue

Think of dancing as a super-battery for your brain — it integrates kinesthetic, rational, musical, and emotional brain functions all at once, which increase your neural connectivity.

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Take dance classes or go out dancing four times a week, dance as much as you can! Dance is essential to start building cognitive reserve.

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Happy dancing with IAID!

IAID Dance Courses are affiliated with the   British Theatre Dance Association (BTDA) UK and  Nalanda Dance Research Centre.  IAID is an Academy for Dance Music and Arts with certified and professional instructors who maintain strict quality standards of learning and performance. For more info visit

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