5 Reasons why should Children Learn Bharatanatyam


Bharatanatyam is one such dance form that can be learnt from the age of four for any child irrespective of gender. There are a plethora of benefits in learning this classical dance form and we have listed below the reasons for your child to pursue this magnificent dance form.



Bharatanatyam is a type of dance form that dwells on discipline. The patient practices of the adavu along with guru bhakthi propagated by this dance ensure that the child is disciplined at an early age.

20140614-190224-EDT-IMG_0346shed shyness

Enroll your child to a Bharatanatyam class for this dance form will help your child shed all her shyness and inhibitions. Dancing with other students and in front of so many people will boost the morale of your child. Bharatanatyam will help in bringing out the extrovert in your child.


augments the mind

Learning Bharatanatyam helps in improving the mental faculties of the children. The subtle movements of the feet along with the hand-eye coordination in the adavu (steps) help the child to have a lucid and sharp mind.


great form of fitness activity

Bharatanatyam is not just a dance form; it is also a kind of exercise that helps you to ooze out the fatty acids deposited in the body.Learning Bharatanatyam will help children keeps the body impeccably fit and flexible.

kids3learning becomes fun

Bharatanatyam is precisely that dance form where children learn the art with all vim and vigor. When inducted at the right age the dance becomes a fun process and let the child to explore more on the nuances of it.




By learning Bharatanatyam children enter a life of discipline, devotion and passion. Being a dance form that blends dance, music and theatre Bharatanatyam is an activity that instills poise and self-improvisation in the children. Let your children pursue Bharatanatyam and see the positive difference in them!

The Indian Classical Dance program for girls is a 7-year certificate course. IAID is the only Academy outside India that offers certificate courses from the renowned institute, Nalanda Dance Research Centre (Mumbai, India.) The course tackles the dance styles Bharata Natyam and Mohini Attam. Certificates are awarded to its graduates; “Prarambhika” after four years and “Kovida” after seven years. IAID has recently introduced the two years master course for the students who finished the 7 years program.  Designed for Children (4-18 yrs) / Adults (above 19 yrs).

Visit http://www.iaid.qa to learn more.

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