Decades of Excellence: IAID reaps 100% passing rate for Indian Classical Dance exams

The constant reaping of honors from the academy’s dance forte lives on.

PR_ICDL-R Ms. Marianne Indrinal –  IAID Asst. Director, Dr. Dimple Rajesh – IAID Artistic Director, Dr. Uma Rele – Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidyalaya and Ms. Amruta Panchal – IAID Indian Classical Dance Instructor

Doha, Qatar — Since the time of foundation, the Academy showed its edge among other institutions in the field of Indian Classical Dance mentorship. To date, another 100% passing grade has been rewarded to IAID as the recent Nalanda Dance Research Centre Examinations held last January 2017.

“We are beyond proud of continuously reaping such mark and has never flunked to produce students who excel in this field of dance. As a premiere course in the academy, we want to unceasingly deliver and spread quality training not just here in Qatar but to others also.”  expressed by Dr. Dimple Rajesh, IAID Artistic Director.

The Indian Classical Dance program for girls is a 7-year certificate course. IAID is the only Academy outside India that offers certification courses from the renowned Institute, Nalanda Dance Research Centre (Mumbai, India.) The course tackles the dance styles Bharata Natyam and Mohini Attam. Certificates are awarded to its graduates; “Prarambhika” after four years and “Kovida” after seven years. To date, the course has evolved into a 9-year course with students taking more interest to pursue their learnings further through our Master’s class.

“It was a wonderful time being with the students and guests of IAID. I’m proud for the 100 successful examinees, and they showed a lot of mastery in the dance form, and I hope they will continue to pursue their passion for dancing,” said Dr. Uma Rahul Rele, Principal, Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidyalaya, Mumbai, India

Aside from the Indian Classical Dance course, IAID is offering Dances of Indian course with rhythm, energy and sharply controlled expressive movements, Dances of India is a fusion of traditional and classical Indian dances with the influence of jazz, hip-hop and modern dance, tuned to the popular Bollywood songs designed for Children (4-18 yrs.).

Also, IAID Indian Contemporary Dance allows participants to experience exciting combinations of classical and modern Indian dance routines. It is more creative, vigorous and conventional, often inspired by Indian scriptures, mythical characters as well as modern-day social issues, which makes it unique and interesting.

Lastly, we would like to congratulate all the students who took their graded exams as well as the dance team of the academy.

A first of its kind in the Middle East, IAID continues to impart quality training in the field of dance, music, arts, soft-skill courses and actively participated in various international events such as Ajyal Youth Film Festival, RasGas events and more. Moreover, IAID is a pioneer in conducting workshops for kids in Qatar and must its credit more than 1,000 students (children & adults) representing over 80 nationalities for its regular courses. For more information, please visit

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