IAID @ 20: A Time for Celebration and Appreciation


This month is full of things to be thankful for. Exactly a week after Qatar celebrates its National Day, IAID is also celebrating its Founder’s Day on the 25th. It seems just yesterday when IAID officially opened its doors to the Qatar community offering courses in Dance, Music, and Arts. And here we are twenty years later, a globally recognized academy, with over 1,200 students representing 80 nationalities and continuing to unite diverse cultures through our education.

In the last few years, IAID has also expanded its presence to other countries such as the United Kingdom and adapted to a global new normal by offering virtual classes online. In addition, IAID’s solid affiliations with prestigious organizations around the world such as the London College of Music, University of West London (UK), Nalanda Dance Research Center (India), British Theatre Dance Association (UK), International Performing and Visual Arts Examinations Board (Singapore) and the Asia Pacific Dance Association (New Zealand) allow IAID students to enjoy world-class education wherever they may be.

Recognized as the 7th top SME in Qatar, IAID is proud to be the premier Performing Arts Academy continuing to guide students of all ages to enhance their creativity and unlock their full potential in the field of Dance, Music, and Arts. Several parents of enrolled students best describe their children’s experience studying in IAID as “fun and enjoyable.” We are very proud of our instructor’s skills and the professional experience they impart to all our enrolled students.

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we are thankful for all of our achievements, milestones, experiences, and blessings bestowed upon us. We thank our sponsors, directors, staff, and faculty for all their hard work in working towards a unified vision of providing excellence in education. And we are especially grateful to all the students and their parents for allowing us to impart our knowledge, experience, and creativity. Thank you all.

Now, we look towards the future as the next extraordinary journey begins.

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