Benefits of Studying from Home

In 2020, schools started shifting to virtual classes to continue their students’ education while staying home. As much as we miss the dynamics of teaching in school, virtual training can be as effective as in-person, and sometimes even more so. We are happy to say that our students have experienced numerous benefits from studying at home. 

Here are five of them:

  1. Safety. We all know that the pandemic has forced us to keep a proper distance from others. What better way to observe this than by limiting physical contact with the public while staying at home and still being able to study.
  2. Convenience. Live far from your school? Ran into unexpected traffic? With virtual classes, you won’t need to worry about getting there. In addition, e-mail, SMS, and calendar reminders are standard in virtual classes, so you won’t miss any class. 
  3. Accessibility. Moving to a new house, new city, or a new country? Regardless of your location, you can still attend and complete your classes at a click of a button.
  4. Up close and personal. You’ll never be far from the teacher. And with live virtual classes, you can interact and engage with your teacher every session. 
  5. Technology enhancements. Technology plays a big role in making learning conducive and effective to the student. Can’t see? Zoom in. Can’t hear? Turn up the volume. Can’t remember? Record the session. 

IAID has embraced the online dynamics of teaching and provides the best education it could offer online. Known as IAID Click, our live virtual classes in dance, music, and arts provide the same level of excellence in performing arts our students receive during in-person training. With our live virtual classes, you’ll be assured that you can interact and engage with your teacher every session. And with IAID Click, your creativity is just a click away.

See you online!

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